About us

At Haboob.travel we set out to do things differently, it’s our mission to be part of the global transformation to modern & sustainable travel. We see life as a one big journey & we’re here to help you make more enlightening stops along the way. We believe that fulfilling travel experiences begin with choosing the right destinations, even where to book. So we wanted to show all flights, hotels, car rentals & many other options in one place, finding various alternatives for you within your budget & all at your fingertips.

We created a simple, convenient, user-friendly website & app just to make travel feel easy. With a dedicated team of experts, we help each & every one of you to find the best options to book the perfect trip.

Book to Everywhere from Anywhere with Confidence

Where to go? When? Where to stay? How much? How to get there? Haboob.travel possibilities are endless. Our search engine is more than capable of finding the best options & prices in seconds.

Expert Tips & Tricks for Free

Our team brings simplicity into finding & planning your tailored trip. With our own recipe of mash-ups, mixing & matching we will share knowledge & find the best deals for free, even if we had to fly you out with an airline & back with another just to suit your budget.

Confidentiality, Safety & Transparency

Your Data, Your Choice! Your trust is what we seek, so your data will never be used to hide information or mislead you in anyway. Your personal information are just yours.

Also the prices you see are the best available & it will never be affected by your search; no adjustments or increases.

Our Approach

Wouldn’t say the business was not a motive; but our pledge to ease-the-life of those we belong to is what got us going in the 1st place.

Our market motto is “More for Less”. Evidently, we’re becoming an enabler for the vast majority of travel agencies to help them expand their travel business, rather than competing.

We Can Help You in Your Booking of